Trpělivost má hořkou příchuť ale sladké ovoce.

About Contours

Contours Express was established in the U.S.A. in the state of Kentucky by Daren Carter. He got the idea for Contours Express from his mother, Brenda. For years, Brenda would get key into her son's gym before it opened -- before the grunting, weight-tossing men invaded.

Brenda was soon joined by a handful of friends, all of whom awoke before sunrise simply to avoid the often-intimidating male clientele. That was the begining of women only fitness- Contours.

After 9 years of existence Contours has (become) international leader in women fitness. Today Contours is located in 28 countries including :( U.S.A., Great Britain,Japan, Germany, Ireland, Greece, Brazil, India, Spain,Australia….) where ther are open over 7000 very successful Contours Clubs operating.

Contours Express in Czech Republic is run by Bramon,s.r.o. owner of master franchise licence for Czech a Slovak Republic.