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What is it about ?

Contours is a fitness gym designed exclusively for women with assistence of a trainer . It is for women of all ages and condition. You can join and workout no the matter if you are student, on maternity leave, busy career women or a grandmother. The workout takes only 30 minutes including warm-up and stretching. You can come whenever without an appointment. Equipment has been designed specially for women, photos are here.

Regardnig your conditions and possible health issues our trainer will set up a costumized workout . During Your visit the trainer is always ready to help you. You can find here a friendly atmosphere and only female companionship while you are achieving your goals.

Contours will help you lose weight, be in better shape and improve your health. You will see, that workout will put you in a better mood give you self–confidence na more energy to undertake daily tasks.

Why is Contours different than other gyms ?

  • it is circuit workout – 8 weight lifting machines in circle and 8 rebaunders for cardio exercise
  • a workout on each station takes 45 seconds the suggested time takes about 30 minutes to complete two full circles.
  • during Your workout our trainer is looking at you and is ready to help You
  • Contours is only for women
  • Your workout on the equipment is designed especially for women. Our machines have positive and negative resistance to produce maximum results of workout.
  • In our gym You get real results. It is a unique concept , You do not have to wait for machine , but You work-out all time
  • You can join our gym in any age, condition, weight and health state
  • Contours is open from 9.00 am – 9.00 pm 7 days a week. Visitation and work-out schedule is open.