Nikdy není příliš pozdě začít se zdravým způsobem života.

Why a Contours franchise?

With a Contours franchise, helping others can be financially rewarding! Contours offers you the opportunity to be your own boss, and build your own successful business based on your hard work. Put your passion to work and help women change their lives for the better! As a franchisee you immediately benefit from comprehensive training, market analysis, studio design, and sales and marketing support. Contours systems are already supporting more than 100 franchisees in 28 countries around the world. Contours is opening a new studio every two days somewhere in the world. Only one person can bring the Contours work out and weight loss plan to your area - could it be you?

Contours is a unique concept. Circle training only for women, with aerobic and cardio stations. Costumize workout and personal care for members.

Do I need a fitness background to start a Contours studio? No! When you purchase a Contours franchise, we assume that you have no background or knowledge in business or in the fitness industry. Our extensive training is organised accordingly. You will have all the tools, materials and support necessary to open and operate your new Contours Studio!

Contours is new in Czech Rep. Normal fitness clubs are not your competitors. It is a different market. The blue ocean is for You to swim in.

If You are interested to have Your own Contours Gym. Please write for more information on